Kalahari Coffee does “sustainability” from the word go.
We have taken care to leave as small a footprint as is possible:

Our packaging is 100% re-usable, and if it can’t be re-used, it can be composted.
The hollow core packaging is unlaminated and the “plastic wrapping” inside the box
is made from corn starch. This is 100% natural and can be composted
or placed in your bokashi bin.

Not only are the coffee grounds compost-able, but they are also rich in micro-elements
needed by plants to thrive ( yes, even pot plants).
And not only that, used coffee grounds are renowned as a natural pest repellent!

We also offer flavouring for you favourite cup of Kalahari Coffee.
Check out our unique spice blends that can be added to your brew
to add something special to your coffee.

So, go ahead and embrace that cup of coffee knowing
that you have taken not one but all steps to protect our planet.

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